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This is IJK.

IJK is a pan-Asia investment and advisory firm specialising in cross-border tactical opportunities. We drive transformation and value creation by getting under the hood of things, forging strong partnerships with visionary founders and highly experienced operators and technical experts.


We build businesses

IJK provides not only capital but also a comprehensive spectrum of solutions to help our clients navigate the business landscape in Asia, enabling them to achieve their strategic objectives.

Thought Leadership

Lessons from Singapore Airlines

18 May 2023

Frozen 2: The cold reality of the Shanghai lockdown

14 April 2022

As Bairong falls 16% on debut, all eyes on Linklogis IPO and fintech players

5 April 2021

So you want to raise a fund (Part 4) - Fundraising

1 March 2021

So you want to raise a fund (Part 3) - Structuring & Licensing

1 February 2021

A new pulp culture: How about some morning zest this year?

12 January 2021

Is the bitcoin a good store of value?

6 January 2021

So you want to raise a fund (Part 2) - Designing a Fund Strategy

3 January 2021


The IJK Academy program is meticulously designed to groom high-performers across diverse industry verticals and equip them with the functional skillsets to thrive in their management careers.

Financial Consultation
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