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AIC Singapore 2019: Finding opportunity amid disruption and change

In today’s uncertain world, businesses are inevitably finding that the way to corporate success depends on how well they navigate the increasingly tricky and complex arena of geopolitics.

And if there is one lesson that the Singapore story can offer to businesses in any part of the world, it is the importance of knowing one’s environment, and making the right connections all around.

This was one of the biggest takeaways from the fireside chat with Singapore’s former Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong, “In conversation with Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong: Geopolitical risks facing businesses”, a keynote session at the third edition of the Asia Investment Conference (AIC) held in the Lion City.

This year’s AIC was a two-day event organised by IJK Capital Partners that focused on discussions around key disruptive trends in the Asia Pacific investment landscape.

Bringing up a metaphor he has frequently used in public addresses, Emeritus Senior Minister Goh described Singapore as a “jumbo jet with two wings”, with China on one side, and India on another.

“We are right in the centre. (So if) they fly, we fly.”

In other words, it was critical for Singapore to establish good relations with the two “wings” in order to thrive.

Read the full article here.

This year's AIC in Singapore is our largest conference to date with a record turnout of over 400 delegates, with some 60% comprising institutional investors, private equity and venture capital firms, family offices, together representing over USD 1 trillion in assets. Visit the AIC website.

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